Monitoring Ironport Mailgateway with Zabbix

Monitoring a mail gateway is a good idea. You want to know what it is working all the day and you want to be the first one to know if it is not working any more. Mail is still one of the most sensitive applations in an enterprise.

In this blog entry I want to describe how I monitor my Ironport Mailgateway appliances with Zabbix.

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Graphing power consumption with xymon

Electricity becomes more and more expensive. If you run a data center you care about power consumption, because the less you use the more competitve you can act on the market. We run a Raritan Dominion PX Power switch at work and I decided it was about time to let it tell me how much power our servers consume.

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Monitoring F5 BigIP with Zabbix

One of the coolest features of Zabbix version 2 ist the low level discovery that works with the Zabbix agent and SNMP tables. But when I discovered that this feature not only works with INTEGER as indices in SNMP tables but also with DisplayString it was one of the WOW moments.

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