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Automation makes the day

Automating repetitive tasks is the key to success in daily IT operations. Automation makes complex systems run smoothly, maximizes availability, controls and increases security. You get more time to address individual customer problems.

With decades of experience in data center operations under their belts, the sys4 automation team delivers secure, high-performing, high- availability systems. Dr. Michael Schwartzkopff is author of the bestseller "Clusterbau: Hochverfügbarkeit mit Linux".

Hardening is part of sys4's daily routine as well as bare metal recovery and automated configuration management.

sys4 members intensely contribute to open source projects, for personal and for professional reasons. Deep involvement creates deep knowledge about the multitude of softwares, their capabilities and their limits - a knowledge that sys4 translates into effective monitoring which focusses on relevant events.

sys4 advocates lean IT which is able to delegate tasks as self-service modules to operators and end users.

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Patrick Koetter p@sys4.de +49 89 3090 4664

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Marc Schiffbauer m@sys4.de +49 40 6094 5854

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Our Thinking

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Real Time Performance Monitoring

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sys4 AG
Schleißheimer Straße 26/MG
80333 Munich
+49 89 3090 4664
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