Michael Schwartzkopff

Making Resource Utilizations Dynamic

With the placement strategy ``minimal`` the cluster resource manager (pacemaker) can move all resources to the minimum limit of real nodes that the resources need. Other nodes will run no resources.

Only a little change in the Resource Agent controlling the virtual hosts is needed to make the utilization allocation of resources dynamic every monitoring interval.

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One time passwords (OTP) are a very safe way to implement two factor authentication. So I looked for a easy possibililty to use OTP in FreeRADIUS. I also wanted to use smart phone based OTP generators, since everybody has such a device nowadays. Finally I found a very nice combination of DroidOTP, motp and FreeRADIUS to do the job.

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Monitoring QoS on Cisco routers

A customer has several WAN lines to remote offices and has QoS implemented on the routers. Of course I wanted to monitor what really happens on the line. Which packets are classified? And how? How many packets are queued and how many bytes are dropped. And the customer was interested if QoS really worked as described in the documentation.

So I read the CISCO-CLASS-BASED-QOS-MIB (ciscoMgmt.166) and developed some templates to monitor QoS…

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Monitoring Ironport Mailgateway with Zabbix

Monitoring a mail gateway is a good idea. You want to know what it is working all the day and you want to be the first one to know if it is not working any more. Mail is still one of the most sensitive applations in an enterprise.

In this blog entry I want to describe how I monitor my Ironport Mailgateway appliances with Zabbix.

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