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Proper IT security protects all parties involved

sys4 develops requirement profiles, identifies and carefully evaluates all variables. Based on this information, organizational processes and conditions for software and hardware are recommended.

sys4 counts among its ranks TÜV certified auditors and manufacturer- certified specialists for firewalls and filtering services. Customers receive a complete toolset for appropriate safety measures.

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Patrick Koetter


Patrick Koetter p@sys4.de +49 89 3090 4664

Marc Schiffbauer


Marc Schiffbauer m@sys4.de +49 40 6094 5854

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Axel von der Ohe a@sys4.de +49 30 6098 4640

Our Thinking

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SNMPv3 Informs

by Michael Schwartzkopff on 03/23/2016

In a recent monitoring project we had to set up SNMPv3 informs form the servers in the data center to ...

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TOTP Time Based One-Time Password Authentication

by Dieter Klünter on 11/09/2015

There have been recently quite a few publications on One-Time Password Authentication. This discussion is on TOTP authentication in OpenLDAP ...

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The missing Cyrus SASL man pages

by Patrick Koetter on 01/07/2015

The missing Cyrus SASL man pages. I finally found time to put them online.

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sys4 AG
Schleißheimer Straße 26/MG
80333 Munich
+49 89 3090 4664
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