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Solution Design optimizes the whole and their parts

The amount of open source software available is immense. Making the right choice is mission critical. It determines functionality, stability and security of the whole system. sys4 identifies software trends already in their nascent stages, monitors relevant development processes closely and even participates in some of them.

The knowledge thus generated is used for Solution Design projects. After analyzing interfaces within a customer's in-house IT, sys4 defines the software options and advises on their best combination. Where necessary, sys4 connects components with appropriate scripts and programmes.

sys4 combines the holistic and the atomistic approach to Solution Design. Because the main goal are solutions that match customer requirements most precisely.

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Patrick Koetter


Patrick Koetter p@sys4.de +49 89 3090 4664

Marc Schiffbauer


Marc Schiffbauer m@sys4.de +49 40 6094 5854

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Axel von der Ohe a@sys4.de +49 30 6098 4640

Our Thinking

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LDAPfuse, a simple LDAP-Browser

by Dieter Klünter on 04/10/2016

LDAPfuse is a simple LDAP Bowser in User Space.

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External displays Thinkpad Pro Dock 90w stay switched off after resume

by Robert Schetterer on 03/09/2016

Last week i did a lot of testing with Kubuntu wily 15.10 and xenial 16.10 ( dev ) on Lenovo ...

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TOTP Time Based One-Time Password Authentication

by Dieter Klünter on 11/09/2015

There have been recently quite a few publications on One-Time Password Authentication. This discussion is on TOTP authentication in OpenLDAP ...

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sys4 AG
Schleißheimer Straße 26/MG
80333 Munich
+49 89 3090 4664
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